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The Story

Head Game takes place on the mean streets of Philadelphia. Vickey Diamond was raised by parents that loved her, but surviving for them meant living outside the law. Tragedy separates the family and leaves Vickey alone to fend for herself. She realizes that her parents protected her from the harsh realities of their hustle and soon begins to think that her negative opinions towards her family are unwarranted.


Vickey is young, pretty and knows those are tools that can help her survive. She seeks the tutelage of a former madam who schools in the way of seduction. Armed with techniques of sexual gratification, she seeks her victims. She tries out her new powers on male suitors, not caring about the lives she shifts and shatters. Vickey boasts of her conquest and vision of attracting the big fish.


Vickey plays her games and wins the eye of a very successful hustler. She's riding high and having it all her way. She has acquired all that she has ever longed for; the man, the wealth and the power. What comes up most come down as betrayal and infidelity comes knocking on her front door.




Brandy grew up in the infamous Red Hook Projects on the edge of Brooklyn, New York. While living in Brooklyn, she was receptive to the harsh life that comes with living in an inner-city neighborhood. She has watched many of her friends fall victim to the street culture of drugs and violence. Brandy was a teenage mother herself and understands what it takes to raise a son on her own. With numerous circumstances pitted against her, she continued work hard toward her goals.


Brandy was always creative, as she wrote shorts stories and essays for her personal enjoyment. Even as a small child, Brandy could be seen reading her favorite book “Cat in the Hat.” What made life better for Brandy is that she frequently read books to escape her arduous life. She was inspired by urban authors such as Miasha, Nikki Turner, Viki Stringer and Deja King. On a dare, she decided that she would follow in her role models footsteps. The results are her freshman novel "Head Game"



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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